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School Overview

Ageo International Education Center was established in Ageo city, Saitama prefecture in 2016, and started Japanese language education for international students from October 2017.
Under the curriculum that prioritizes Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), we support higher education institution admission for international students, Japanese language education for residet status of "specified skilled worker system", and appropriate guidance and employment support, enrollment capacity is 100. (as of 2022) ⇒ Read More

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  • Admission month is 4 times a year (Apr / Jul / Oct / Jan)
  • Application for admission and required documents must be submitted 5 months before admission
  • Auditing students also acceptable
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About Courses
  • Study period for the college preparatory course is 1year 3months ~ 2years
  • Master well-balanced 4 skills in the 1st year
  • In the 2nd year, we focus on to cultivate "Persuasion Skills" for the ability to communicate with people
  • Exam measures are available with the aim of passing JLPT
  • Transfer to existing class depending on the Japanese level is also possible

why us?


Our Features and Living Environment
  • Curriculum corresponding to the purpose of going on to higher education instituions
  • Conversation lessons and exam measures are enriched
  • Traditional cultural experiences such as flower arrangement and calligraphy
  • Outside activities are also held on
  • Carrying out individual guidance for higher education admissions
  • Offering student dormitories nearby AIEC and Ageo Station
  • Safe and secure living environment
Life Guidance
  • Constantly kind and gracious support to each student
  • Respond to living problems, injuries, illnesses and other issues
  • Support for resident registration, opening bank account and mobile phone contract, for occupants of dormitory
  • Support for a part-time job

what`s new?

Access to AIEC

Access from the Airport
  • Narita Airport – (40 min) – Nippori Station – (40 min) – Ageo Station
  • Haneda Airport – (15 min) – Shinagawa Station- (50 min) – Ageo Station
Access from the Ageo Station

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