School expenses are as follows.
In principle, the tuition fee for the first year is needed to pay in full before the admissions.
Regarding the tuition fee of the following year, it must be paid by mid-March for April students, mid-June for July students, mid-September for October students, and mid-December for January students.

First Year Payment

・Admission FeeJPY 70,000
・Tuition FeesJPY 608,000
・Facility Management CostJPY 80,000
First year total JPY 758,000
Application fee is JPY20,000. Facility management cost includes facility maintenance fee, textbooks and health check fee. Accident insurance cost will be charged every year. Fees for extra-curricular activities will be charged at the time of the event.

Second Year Payment

▶ April Enrollment (2 Years Course)
・Tuition FeesJPY 608,000
・Facility Management CostJPY 80,000
Second year total JPY 688,000
▶ July Enrollment (1 Year 9 Months Course)
・Tuition FeesJPY 456,000
・Facility Management CostJPY 60,000
Second year total JPY 516,000
▶ October Enrollment (1 Year 6 Months Course)
・Tuition FeesJPY 304,000
・Facility Management CostJPY 40,000
Second year total JPY 344,000
▶ January Enrollment (1 Year 3 Months Course)
・Tuition FeesJPY 152,000
・Facility Management CostJPY 20,000
Second year total JPY 172,000